Hello World!

June 15, 2008

Hello everyone. You can call me — mom and dad’s “angel”. My real name is yet to be revealed as well as my gender. surprise! surprise!

By the way, I am sooooooo happy because finally, soon I will be able to see the world. Thanks to my handsome Daddy Jeff and pretty, sexy Mommy Rhiz. I can’t wait to say hello to my Lolo and Lola’s, my Aunties and Uncles, my pretty Ninangs and handsome Ninong’s too. Mom is telling me, World has great things to offer me, that’s why I’m really excited!
I can feel that my Mom and Dad are happy and excited too. whoa! Good thing, God has assigned me to be Daddy Jeff and Mommy Rhiz’ kiddo. I am the luckiest child ever!

See yah soon everyone!

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